Personalized experience
Receive style recommendations that fit your body shape.
Scroll through clothes selected for you by your stylist.
Dress your best and increase your confidence.
Buy less, buy better to save the environment and look good doing it.
Problems we solve
What I have is clothes not fashion.
Rebutia recognizes which body features you should emphasize and helps you go from not knowing yourstyle to look your best every day.
I end up sending back pretty much half of what I buy, and it might even be more.
We help you shop efficiently online by providing style recommendations for your body shape. This will increase the chances for your products to fit.
I can recognize good taste and beauty in other people but I'm never able to replicate it.
Rebutia recommends styles that fit your body type so you don't need to worry if you do not know what to wear. Our system finds out for you what fits your bodyshape.
"I bet I would look better if I lost weight, will this still work if I am unhappy with my body?"
Surveys show that most women are not pleased with their bodies and the way they look. You can change this. Everyone needs to find a way out of the mindset that says they do not look good and be happy. No matter what we look like, we can all be beautiful. Most of us need help to know what suits us best, which is where we come in! We help you find clothes that suit your body and make the most of your look now.